The Manifesto


The Vision

SPIMPI ART is the first curated digital artist FDA/NFTS gallery. We are the only gallery that embraces digital art as a valid form of art and showcase it with ingenuity, creativity, and innovation.

Our vision is to challenge the limits of creativity with SPIMPI ART’s talented artists that are bound to ignite your imagination. With artists from across the world, we offer you a one-of-a-kind experience with our high caliber artists.


To provide an opportunity for local and small talented artists, to explore new possibilities in art with a user-friendly simple experience of browsing, and creating their unique  collection of artwork. 

There are so many talented artists out there that are not able or don’t have the opportunity to be sawn by the mass, as a result of the complex and strict classical art structure and vision.


The Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about digital artists and introduce them to a mainstream audience. We’re breaking new ground by changing the way people experience, create, educate and undesrtand art with our unique FDA/NFTS gallery.

We want to make it easy for professional and amateur artists everywhere to showcase their creative talent and skills. As such, we’re constantly adding new features to make your experience seamless.

But our Mission at Spimpi is not just about showcasing artists’ work. We also curate carefully to ensure you’re in the know of what is going on in the art world, from innovative exhibitions to newsworthy events.

Also to provide an amazing platform for artists which is designed to promote their artwork and get them noticed by a larger audience.

Last but not least, encouraging everyone to explore new creative ideas and inspire others to showcase their talent!

Best People

Investors & Partners